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Alas, I think the time has come to retire this blog. My posts were so infrequent, and there are many other places where you can find me where I actually update often. I will list a few of them here, and will update the list if I find myself frequenting some other future place often. I am keeping this blog up for posterity (I hoard all of my internet past!) but am unlikely to update it.

Here’s one final image! I just created this painting for the Changeling Artist Collective “Haunted” auction – this is a collective of artists (including myself!) and we hold monthly themed auctions of artwork over on Facebook. This painting was created for this cool frame I found in an antique store, and it quickly found a new home. There are some amazing and fun artists in the collective and I am honored to be among them!


You can find me over on Facebook:

I am also very active on Instagram:

I have a Twitter account:

And I have a Tumblr:

As for shops, you can find me at Etsy and Redbubble and I have a list of available paintings for sale at that I will keep updated.

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