A Weekend Art-Venture

My boyfriend Scott and I drove down to the Brandywine Valley last weekend to check out a few art museums and hang out in a place that inspired so many amazing illustrators. We went to the Delaware Art Museum, the Brandywine River Museum, the W.C. Wyeth house and studio, and spent a day in Philadelphia where we saw the Mütter Museum, a place I’d been meaning to check out for years (and has really nothing to do with my art, but I like seeing disgusting body parts in jars).

We seemed to be the only visitors in the Delaware Art Museum, granted the weather was pretty foul outside. Soooo many sweet Howard Pyle’s (image on the left), and a nice Pre-Raphaelite section. I’d never seen a Rossetti in person before (image on the right). The Pre-Raphaelites were my soul inspiration back in high school when my AP art portfolio was all pretty ladies doing pretty things. That night we did some internet research and decided to eat dinner at an italian place called Mrs. Robinos in Wilmington, Delaware. I just thought I would give a shout-out to this amazing place. May not be the best or fanciest place to eat, but I absolutely fell in love. It reminded me of being back where I grew up in Pennsylvania. It seriously smelled like my grandma’s house when she used to cook. Just like eating at our family favorite Johnny’s over in Wilmerding. Super cheap, heaping portions, old Italian-American family photos on the walls… Anyway, it rocked.

On Saturday we went to the Brandywine River Museum and the Wyeth house and studio in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take any photographs inside. These photos of the house and studio are courtesy of the Brandywine River Museum website. Did you know Wyeth was killed when his car stalled on the train tracks in Chadds Ford in 1945? I had no idea!  Imagine how much more art he would have whipped up if he’d lived longer and died naturally. Damn. Anyway, the studio was especially amazing. Everything had been left as Wyeth had left it before his death. I loved seeing the paint splotches left on the floor, and the palette with the colors he had been using on his last unfinished painting, and his huge props room. Someday I’ll have a studio like that… Someday!

Sunday was spent in Philadelphia, where I’d never been. As mentioned before, went to the Mütter Museum, and spent the rest of the day walking around. Lovely place! We ate cheesesteak too, of course! I’ll have to return to Philly to give a proper visit.

Also, we briefly spent time in a Barnes & Noble and I took this photo of my book in the childrens section. Look, there it is! Right behind Obama! :D So cool!

A fun-filled weekend that has made me want to work less on horses and more on magical fantasy paintings… but I’m not complaining!

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