New Art – Troll Fishin’

At long last, new art! This was for a blog project over at Running With Paintbrushes. We had just seen TrollHunter (fantastic and fun Norwegian movie, go rent it!), and decided to paint trolls. Owen and I were the only ones involved, because everyone else has just been so dang busy! Becca just started the MFA program at Hartford Art (sigh, I miss grad school), Scott is working on a young adult novel series with an incredibly tight deadline, and Craig has just been busy with life! Anyway, Owen’s troll came out great. Go check it out on the RWP blog. And here is mine!

Not much else to report. We returned from Gencon a couple of weeks ago. Had a great time, and Scott won Best in Show! We’re definitely returning next year… Scott gets to judge! I’m still undecided if I want a booth or not. Depends what kind of art I produce in the next few months. Continuing to work for the woman I mentioned a couple posts ago (will give more details later), and I have my own story idea that I’d like to start working on.

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One Response to New Art – Troll Fishin’

  1. Such a wonderful blog!! Love seeing the different mediums and textures! Your characters have so much life especially this troll!