I’ve begun a very exciting mentorship with Rebecca Guay, along with five other talented artists. Rebecca Guay is an amazing artist and mastermind behind the Illustration Master Class, which I attended in 2010. Her critiques really hit the nail on the head. Each month we finish a smashing portfolio piece (or more than one!) and each week we meet for an online critique. I just wanted to share the two pieces I’m working on. These are sketches with digital color brainstorming. They need some tweaks (since our last critique) before I transfer them onto watercolor paper and start painting. I’m pumped to work on them though!

The first one is a book cover idea I had. Not for any particular book, made it up. After traveling to Scotland this summer and then reading World Without End, the fantastic sequel to the equally fantastic Pillars of the Earth, I’ve just been wanting to do something medieval. With animals!

And here is the second, from “The Nightingale” by Hans Christian Andersen. This could also be a book cover, or an illustration from a compilation of fairy tales. Really diggin’ the colors.

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