New Art: Marguerite

And here is the second finished painting I made for the first month of my mentorship with Rebecca Guay. It was an idea I had before I even knew about the mentorship, and just thought I’d include it! I think I mentioned before, when talking about the sketch, that I was on a medieval kick after reading Ken Follett’s World Without End. Mmm… medieval history.

Anyway… just playing with yet another technique. The usual watercolor, but using colored pencils for outlining. It’s much softer than using ink and I think I get a nice line quality that goes missing sometimes. Also I use a different color for the background lines to push it back more. Did the same with the nightingale piece.

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One Response to New Art: Marguerite

  1. Owen Weber says:

    These are awesome lis, I have been loving all the work you have been doing lately. Yeah I think the colored pencils are really working well for what you are trying to do. “Fancy a Pig, Gov’na?”