New Book: I Am #4: Martin Luther King Jr.

I am #4: Martin Luther King Jr, written by Grace Norwich and published by Scholastic, is on the shelves! I did 76 interior black and white illustrations for it (in three months!). I just got my copy in the mail and it looks great. The books in the series make nice presents for kids, educational AND entertaining.

Here’s the amazon listing:

Check out some of my drawings from the book in a previous post:

In other news, the latest edition of ImagineFX magazine was released Dec. 7 in the UK (Jan. 2013 in the US) with a feature on the winners of the Rising Stars 2012 contest. I’m pleased to let you all know that I’m one of the winners in the illustration category!!! As I have yet to receive my own copy, I have no idea who the other winners are (five categories, 2 winners in each, for a total of 10 winners). As soon as I get my hands on the magazine, I will be scanning my spread and posting it here! One of the prizes was the Corel Painter 12 software, so I can’t wait to install it and play around with it.

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