The Trickster’s Totem book cover

Remember The Serpent’s Ring? I created the book cover for my former high school art teacher, H.B. Bolton, who now self-publishes middle grade fantasy. The Serpent’s Ring was the first book in her Relics of Mysticus series. She is now working on the 2nd book, The Trickster’s Totem, which will be published in May. The first book was about siblings traveling through the lands of Norse mythology. This book has them traveling through the lands of Native American mythology!

Here is the finished cover:

Look familiar? She loved my illustration from 2011 of the guardian dragon and wanted me to use it for her second book. It actually inspired the direction she took for the plot! I had to edit a few things to make it fit the cover; the man became Evan, one of the main characters, and I had to edit the background and some of the dragon.

As she was one of my favorite art teachers, and really pushed me in high school to consider art in college and beyond, I am more than happy to be the illustrator of her book covers! Check out The Serpent’s Ring on Amazon, and read the sample.

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