New painting sketch – The Invitation

I’d like to update about the new Scholastic biography I’m doing, but I’m waiting for the cover to be released on Amazon before I write a proper blog post about it… Just turned in sketches, and while I wait for comments I had a chance to work on the sketch and color comp forĀ  future painting. So here are some progress shots from this particular piece!

First – I wanted to make a book cover with a portrait… this was the first sketch idea. I was thinking of a satyr-like deer boy hiding from hunters.
I felt it was a little too unoriginal so redrew it and made it more of an ambiguous figure… no longer scared, but maybe himself the hunter, inviting someone into his magic forest world :P Here’s the sketch of his face:
And here’s the current color comp/sketch:
Lookin forward to putting this on watercolor paper and painting it! In terms of portfolio, I guess this is another one for the gaming crowd/market (for when I have a booth at Gen Con!). Next I need to illustrate a multi-figure piece for the young adult/middle grade market. Maybe some kind of adventure story-esque scene, hmmm…

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