New art: from The Shadowhunter’s Codex

Woah, just realized I haven’t updated in a while. Sorry!! Things have been very busy on my end. I’d been working on a personal painting for my portfolio but that’s been put on hold as I’ve got a bunch of commissions to work on. I’m working with two private clients on their books (will post more on those when I can) and may have one or two more Scholastic biography books coming my way soon.

I also went on vacation and traveled to Berlin and Prague. While there, my boyfriend and fellow artist, Scott Murphy, proposed!! So now I’ve got wedding planning! It was an amazing trip. Berlin is fascinating and Prague is beautiful. If you have a chance to visit Prague in the next two years, be sure to check out the Slav Epic at the Veletržní Palace, a truly magnificent series of paintings by Alphonse Mucha. To see them in person is unreal.

So here are some drawings to while away the time. Both are from the upcoming Shadowhunter’s Codex compiled by Cassandra Clare and Joshua Lewis, a companion book to Clare’s Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices series which will be published by Simon & Schuster in late October. They are two of sixteen illustrations that I contributed. They were recently published in the gallery of her web site, thus my posting them here! Both are pencil on Denril vellum. (Denril has a wonderful surface, by the way. I highly recommend it!)

The Silent Brothers

An Iron Sister

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