New Art: Cover for middle grade fantasy book

The final painting for the private client I mentioned in this previous post:

This is the book cover, featuring the main character, Brooklyn. I will share more information about the book once the author’s website is finished! It was painted with watercolor and acryla gouache. The magic blizzard was very fun to paint and turned out better than I thought! I was worried I’d have to do it digitally. The title goes on the top, author name goes on the bottom.

In other news… I have lots of news! Just can’t share it all yet. It’s been a very busy past few months, job-wise. Busy is good! Working on maps for a new client, just finished my last personal piece of the year (need to scan it still), starting a book cover for my former high school art teacher/now a writer, H. B. Bolton (the third book – The Serpent’s Ring and The Trickster’s Totem are the first and second book which I did the covers for as well).

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One Response to New Art: Cover for middle grade fantasy book

  1. Kelley says:

    What a cool cover! I agree the magic blizzard looks great.