New Art: “The First Night”

I started this back in May… and finally finished it!! I’ve been reading some of Richard Burton’s translation of One Thousand and One Nights (thanks, Dad!) and thought of doing a portrait of Scheherazade. I decided to make it more of a scene, with the Sultan in the background.

Here is the final painting! My usual, watercolor and acryla gouache. It’s fairly large for me at 12.5×17.5. Trying to work bigger… but it’s hard with the small space I have to work in.

I also have some progress shots! Including some photo reference… I love seeing other artists’ photo reference. Scott and I are the most convenient models we have… hence why a lot of my characters look like us, even when I try to change them!!

I wasn’t sure how I wanted her pose yet so I decided to start with taking photo reference. This photo is the pose I ended up going with, roughly.

My first rough sketch. With the smoke, I wanted to allude to the possibility that the Sultan would behed her in the morning…

Another sketch, figuring out the details/lighting.

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One Response to New Art: “The First Night”

  1. Saba Razvi says:

    Your artwork is beautiful! I am seeking cover art for my forthcoming book of poetry and wondered if you’d be willing to allow your painting “The First Night” to be used on the cover. Please email me at your earliest convenience, as I believe I have to make some recommendations this week. . I’ll try to find some more current contact info for you on your website and send another email from there, too. Thanks! –SSR.