New Small Painting – Melissa

Here is another small painting done for the Month of Love weekly challenge blog. The third week’s challenge was “Fetish.” Ink and watercolor!

I recently learned about Melissophilia, an arousal toward bees/wasps/hornets/etc. Melissa comes from the Greek word for ‘honey bee.’ There’s all kinds of interesting things that can be read about bees in mythology here: Anyway somehow I decided I wanted to draw a girl with bees and it turned into this!

All of these small paintings will be for sale at conventions. I hope to keep making them after the Month of Love blog is done (until next year). They’re quick and fun and make me feel more motivated! I don’t have to worry about a client or too much about concept or making them the best paintings ever since they’re just quick fun things to loosen up and let me experiment a bit. Refreshing!

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