“The Monster Realm” by Nara Duffie

monsterrealmThe Monster Realm by Nara Duffie is now available to order on Amazon! http://www.amazon.com/The-Monster-Realm-Nara-Duffie/dp/0984934650

Nara Duffie is an awesome young author who finished writing this book 11 days before her 11th birthday. I just got the book in the mail and it looks fantastic! It even has a sweet satin matte cover.

“Searching for her lost sister, Lillian finds a lost world… Lillian and her best friends, Maisy and Katy, meet a mysterious boy from Lanodeka, the Monster Realm. Facing chimeras, griffins, dragons, and even Medusa herself, Lillian tracks her sister through a mythical land–and along the way, uncovers an ancient secret that could change the world forever.”

I illustrated the cover, a map, and chapter headers for each chapters. I’ve posted them all previously on my blog:

The cover and process – http://www.albaillustration.com/blog/?p=673
The map – http://www.albaillustration.com/blog/?p=667
The chapter headers – http://www.albaillustration.com/blog/?p=670

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