New Art – The Birdcatchers

I’ve finally got things rolling on a new personal piece based on The Magic Flute, the opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (libretto by Emanuel Schikaneder!).

This is Papageno and Papagena, which should be obvious if you know the opera! Papageno is a hopeless romantic, and all he wants is to meet his wife, his little dove. So this is when they are finally together at the end! It’s titled “The Birdcatchers” and is 11 x 14.75. Pencil on vellum.

I do plan on painting this, but I decided to do a nice pencil drawing first. I haven’t done a big pencil drawing in a long time and it was actually very relaxing to work on! I’d be doing tarot painting and digital sketching all day, and it was nice to sit down and get absorbed in pencil work, detailing all of the feathers and carefully shading. Time would go fast! I also worked on the couch so the computer wouldn’t distract me.

This should be really fun to paint… and challenging! Might take me some time though…

I have also taken on my first assignment with Fantasy Flight Games, two card illustrations for Netrunner. I thought it would be fun to do something in the science-fiction drama.

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