Tarot Deck Progress Report!

I’m about to finish my 25th tarot painting, the Four of Pentacles, which means I have 53 left! WOO! So many still to do!

The author, Deborah, and I thought it would be fun to create a process blog post using the Six of Swords card, showing how we get from her description to my final painting. We wrote up a post together and it can be read at her blog at http://deborahblake.blogspot.com/2015/02/tarot-deck-progress-report-and-giveaway.html. She’s also doing a giveaway if you comment on her post!

Deborah just finished the text portion of the tarot deck (the companion book!) in record time as she is about to embark on her next novel. She just got a three book deal with Berkley Romance to continue her Baba Yaga series!! Awesome. You can read more about her books at http://deborahblakeauthor.com/.

Below shows the steps for the Six of Swords together as images, but be sure to read the blog post which features these and descriptions for each including what materials I use and how I go about it in general!

Click for full size!

Click for full size!

Oh, also! I was interviewed by One Fantastic Week in January and forgot to post a link here. Sam Flegal and Pete Mohrbacher are the artists behind the weekly web show. They interview different artists each week and I was thrilled to be on it. I talk a lot about the tarot project on it. Here’s a link! http://www.onefantasticweek.com/one-fantastic-week-ep-58-elisabeth-alba/.

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3 Responses to Tarot Deck Progress Report!

  1. I love the interview! (And thanks for saying nice things about me.) I added the link to my blog :-)

  2. I am writing a blog post where I include how I use photo reference to know how to draw hands and feet mostly, but also body angles, etc. I remembered the post you did for this tarot card, and Deborah Blake’s post which included the picture of you getting out your broom and pleated skirt, in order to get the look of the character correct.

    I would love to include the pictures of you on the broom and the finished piece in my post, linking them back to you and your work. Would this be possible? If so, is there anything in particular you’d like me to reference, or just your name and website?

    Thank you so much! I love your work!

  3. My blog post on “Drawing Hands and Feet” is up! Come take a look and thank you again for letting me use a couple of your images!