Tarot Progress!

Hello!! Here is the current tarot status for the deck I am illustrating for Llewellyn Worldwide (with author Deborah Blake):

Pentacles – Done
Swords – Done
Cups – Done
Wands – thumbnail sketching done
Major Arcana – 8 ready for paint, thumbnails done for the other 14.

42 paintings done out of a total 78, not including the card back design. All since last July! Whew!!!

Here is an image of the thumbnail sketches I just completed for the rest of the Majors and the suit of Wands. I can’t believe I’m already at this point!

Another really fun bunch. They’ve all been fun, actually!

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One Response to Tarot Progress!

  1. I can’t believe you’re at this point either. Or that they are turning out SO incredible! (Okay, yes, I believe that part.)