Everyday Witch Tarot – a gift for the holidays?

The Everyday Witch Tarot deck I created with Deborah Blake comes out on January 8! It’s unfortunate that it won’t be out in time for holiday shopping, but Deborah came up with a great solution! If you’d like to pre-order the deck for anyone for the holidays (or have already done so), we’ve created a greeting card that you can give them that notifies them about the gift! We have an actual card version that we will send to you in time for the holidays (USA only) and a digital version that can be printed at home.


The front image is the Strength card from the deck.

The digital version is a postcard with all the text on the front. The file is a large high-resolution jpg for at-home quality printing!


Please email me (mail@albaillustration.com) or Deborah (magicmysticminerva@yahoo.com) if you would like either version. You can also message us via facebook. If you would like the printed card, send your address as well.

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