Everyday Witch Tarot – Deborah and I Finally Meet!

After over two years of working together, Deborah Blake and I were finally able to meet in person! Deborah is the author of our tarot deck, the Everyday Witch Tarot, published by Llewellyn (and she’s the author of many other fabulous books!).

Both of us put together special editions of the deck that came with various goodies, including the box for the deck being signed by both of us. Scott and I drove to her place in Upstate New York on our way to visit friends in the Catskills. It was marvelous to meet up and meet her cats, and she got to meet our dog Rayo! We had fun chatting and signing.

Here are some pictures!


Holding our deck! I gave her the Ace of Cups painting which you can see framed above our heads. :D


We discovered our crazy resemblance to each other!!! Look at that!


Another view!


All forty of my stock that we signed.


Deborah had twenty-five for us to sign.


The three of us together!

Check out my Etsy store at www.etsy.com/shop/albaillustration if you want to order the deck or prints of the cards!

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