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“Brendan and the Beast” cover, sketch and color comp

I have so much in the works right now but nothing finished. Busy summer! This is the color comp and sketch of the book cover to the upcoming self-published Brendan and the Beast – an alternative retelling of the classic … Continue reading

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Travel Job Sketches

Well after 2 years of wondering if this particular job would ever see the light of day, I have finally heard that unfortunately it will not (at least in its original form – it was work for hire, so they … Continue reading

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In Progress Projects

Here is a sketch of an upcoming painting that I’ll get to… eventually. Things just got BUSY. It’s a color comp sketch for a portfolio piece (my portfolio was lacking a portrait!). I’m also working on our last project in … Continue reading

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Sketch: The Serpent’s Ring

So here is the sketch for a book cover I’m working on for my former high school art teacher who has become a writer. It’s the first book in a middle grade/young adult series… Strangely enough, this giant Nordic god … Continue reading

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Final Sketch: Harry Potter Book One

The thumbnail I chose was the one of Harry hanging out of his window on the Hogwarts Express, looking forward to his new life (and the back features creepy forest/Voldie). I sent my first sketch out to my mentorship classmates … Continue reading

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Thumbs: Harry Potter Book One

So as I mentioned before, our next assignment in the mentorship is the cover to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (I much prefer that over the American Sorcerer’s Stone!!). I made A LOT of thumbnails (for me). I never … Continue reading

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