So I have been working, but I can’t show anything!!! As mentioned before, cannot post any Scholastic work until the book is out. Just did a few pages of a graphic novel for John Reed, but I’m not sure if I can post those yet. And now I’m working on a few drawings for the upcoming Harry Potter convention (the programming book) in San Francisco – Azkatraz 2009! But I cannot post those until after the convention!!!

In other illustration news, congratulations to the SVA MFA Illustration class of 2009! Amazing work. You can see samples of their work here:

I’ve also just sent book dummies and samples to an illustration representative. Will hear back in a few weeks I assume… Oy! I’ve only done this once before, last summer, and I never got a response – not even a negative one! Geez :P But this time I’ve got a little more experience and work to back me up… so we shall see.

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