New Sketch

Hello!!! I haven’t updated in a while… Scott left for Egypt at the end of September, and my mom and sister visited me for a while. I have finally had some time to start my next project – the Evil Queen from Snow White talking to her mirror… it should be finished in time for Halloween. Here’s the drawing:It will change a lot when I start painting it. I plan on it being prety dark with a lot of flame-like shadow behind the queen, evil mists and such. I want to keep it a vignette like my last picture, with a fade out rather than a staight rectangular border.

Anyway, as soon as it’s finished I need to get started on the Egypt project for the RWP blog… I notice it is much easier for me to work when Scott is there working too. He’s a motivator! I haven’t gotten a job in a long time, and I understand its been pretty weird in the publishing industry and all… but it’s been a bit disheartening hearing all the articles about children immediately going onto chapter books and all that. Picture books are awesome!!! Buy more!!!

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