Call of Cthulhu

Back in 2008 while attending grad school, I took a summer screen printing class at SVA taught by David Sandlin. He’s the thesis professor in the MFA Illustration program and was taking a year leave for a residency. My friend and I were eager to have a class with him before he left, since we wouldn’t get him as a thesis advisor (we did, however, get Gary Panter as a sweet replacement!).

Anyway, let me just say silk-screening is awesome. It was my first time, and haven’t really done it since, but I enjoyed it. I’ve never put these online anywhere since it doesn’t really fit with my portfolio work! So I thought I would share them here (:

Our assignment was to make a booklet, and as I had just started reading H.P. Lovecraft, mine was inspired by Call of Cthulhu.

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