Happy New Year!

Wow… December was crazy. I am finally getting back into my usual routine. Hi!

First of all, I was in Turkey from December 9-17th where I met Scott, who was returning from his yearly trip to Egypt. Such an amazing trip!!! A lot of people have told me Turkey and Istanbul have never been at the top of their list, and I was one of them. But recently a lot of people I know have been going or have heard of someone going. It just happened to be the most convenient place for Scott and I to meet (weather, flights, price, etc), and I am SO glad I went. Seriously, Turkey is AWESOME. We only had time to see Istanbul and Cappadocia.

The most beautiful place in the world.

Seriously… Cappadocia. I have to go back someday. We were only able to spend two days there (one night at the fantastic Sacred House hotel), but we rented a car and saw as much as we could. We were very lucky to be there during their first snowfall. Absolutely no crowds and pretty snow!!

Istanbul was a wonderful place as well. The streets there are the cleanest I have ever seen. We were constantly awestruck at the lack of trash/bugs/rodents, and loved the stray cats and dogs (hence no bugs/rodents). So much history!!! Great food!!! Baklava!!!! Also, the people are ridiculously nice and hospitable. It was awesome.

And then I pretty much immediately went to Florida for Christmas… I’m sure you’ve all heard about the almighty blizzard. Yes, I got stranded in Florida for 5 days and had two flights cancelled. But I made the most of it!!! Family, food, shopping, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure!!! I forked over $110 for entry/food and it was totally worth it. Butterbeer is DELICIOUS! They did such a fantastic job, I couldn’t believe the detail. Of course we were there during the busiest time of year. We overheard a park employee say it was worse than on opening night. Still, we managed to see everything we wanted. Harry Potter, sigh.

And now I am home, hoping not to set foot on a plane for a while, and trying to get myself motivated and back to work. 2010 wasn’t as big a year, professionally, as I initially thought it would be… 2011 here I come!

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