Diamond (Breyer Stablemates) by Suzanne Weyn

My first illustrated book has been published!!!! Diamond, written by Suzanne Weyn, is part of the Breyer Stablemates early reader series of books published by Cartwheel Books, an imprint of Scholastic.

The book can be found in most bookstores as well.

Description via amazon: “Diamond is an Arabian horse that no one wants to ride because they think she is too old. Ava decides to take care of Diamond, spending extra time on training rides to get her in shape. The other riders don’t understand why Ava would waste her time with such an old horse, but Ava and Diamond show them that they have a lot to learn.”

I got a start date on one of the projects previously mentioned and it is actually another book for the Breyer Stablemates series, so look for that one in 2010! The due date is mid-December so I will be working hard for the next 3 and a half months.

Here’s a link on amazon:

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