The Murder of King Tut

You may be asking yourselves why on earth I am writing a blog post about a James Patterson book.  My boyfriend, Scott Murphy, illustrated it!!! So I had to buy one. Am I gonna read it? I’m not sure :P. You can purchase on amazon at

Please do take a moment to check out his website at He’s awesome :B

The illustrations in the book are ink paintings that include small images of Egyptian artifacts, scenes, and maps. The images aren’t on his website yet, the reason being he is currently in Egypt, of all places, until December. Bah! I have included one below, though. This is Hatsheput’s temple.

And in my own illustration news, I am hard at work on the second Breyer book for Scholastic. I’m currently working on the interior sketches, due in a couple weeks. I’ll probably get them done earlier though. The book cover is painted and done though (: It’s making the rounds right now, we’ll see if it needs any corrections…

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