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Hi all! So I’ve finally updated my website. It always takes me a while to get to it. Since I wasn’t given any of the final scanned versions of the images, and I don’t have a big scanner, and too many digital edits were done anyway, I decided to instead meticulously pull apart one of the books so that I could scan a selection of images flat myself! I photoshopped out the text and the seams. Tedious, but worked just fine! Here are three of the images, and the rest can be viewed from my site.

Still at work on the next book in the series. The images were given a bit late to Breyer, but hopefully I will get corrections next week. I want to start painting! My favorite part! And I think the art for this book will be fantastic, better than Diamond!

I also added three pages of a comic I illustrated for author John Reed. They’re samples for an untitled project of his that’s in the works. I was really excited to work in this form, as I’d never done it before.

I registered to attend the Illustration Master Class 2010 in June. I’m totally pumped. I just can’t believe the amazing James Gurney will be giving us lectures and critiquing our work (among other fantastic illustrators!). He has been a huge favorite of mine since childhood. Woo! One of the best things about grad school was working for hours and hours inside a studio with great people, so to have that again for a week will be lovely. It’ll also give me a chance to make a great fantasy piece for my portfolio, which is what I really want to illustrate someday!

The year is winding down. I can’t imagine what 2010 will hold. I was discussing with a friend the other day that being an illustrator can be rough, but instead of spending 20+ years in one job, we get multiple new exciting jobs every year! Keeps us on our toes and there’s always something to look forward to :D

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  1. Hidoshi says:

    Hey Elisabeth, uh… just wondering if I have the right person (I *think* I do) — did you ever go by the nickname “Kethyr” awhile back, say almost ten years? I’m looking for an old acquaintance (a few, actually) and figured I’d ask. ^^;

    Cheers either way, your art looks great. :)