Busy Busy!

Happy new year!!!!

I’ve been working on multiple things lately and thus have nothing new to show! Everything is in a working stage. One of my current paintings is for a viking project we are doing over at RWP. Since I have nothing else to show at the moment, here’s the sketch!!!

Ran is a viking goddess of the sea; she was known for drowning sailors and sinking ships. The painting is looking pretty good so far, but is still only half done. I’m waiting for a shipment of art supplies to come in before I can finish it.

In our mentorship this month, we are doing a book cover for Holes by Louis Sachar. I will have a sketch for that posted in a few days. I never read it, so I got it from the library and it was really good! And now I have a library membership… for a library that is two blocks away. I don’t know why it took me so long…

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