New Art: “Rán’s Embrace”

Hello! Here is my final piece for the RWP viking challenge. A huuuuge thank you to Rebecca Guay (who I’m doing my mentorship with, as mentioned previously) for critiquing this and really pushing me. You can sort of see how much it changed if you look at the teaser I posted of the image a week and a half ago (or looking at the different teaser I posted on RWP). When I’m done with my mentorship I need to keep her critiques in mind when I’m working on future pieces, to try to push them farther! Sometimes I just assume something is done… when really it still needs about 10 hours of work! I made the edits digitally and will be making the same edits to the painting when I have time. It’s just easier to do them digitally first because I can experiment.

A little more about Rán: She is the Norse goddess of the sea, but also one of death. If someone died by drowning, they wouldn’t go to Valhalla, they went to Rán’s underworld where, if they happened to die with lots of gold, she would provide them with a pretty decent afterlife and their mugs would never be empty of mead. But most dudes wouldn’t just drown; Rán would lure them over and then sink ‘em with the help of her daughters, the Waves. Witch!!!

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3 Responses to New Art: “Rán’s Embrace”

  1. I just adore this. Your work reminds me a lot of that of one of my all time favorite illustrators, Trina Schart Hyman. She passed away a few years ago, and somehow I feel like a bit of her spirit lives on in your work!

  2. it looks wonderful..overall I do wonder if it would be just that more expressive if you added a different colour. I like the ship a lot because it has a different color.. But it’s really really beautiful already!

  3. Gregory N ODonnell says:

    Gorgeous! I have a similar tattoo minus the goddess herself and was trying to decide exactly how to finish it and which goddess to choose (I already planned on using a goddess)… with your blessing id like to use your art as a reference for my illustrator. PLEASE contact me anytime via email and I’ll gladly send you pics of my sleeve as its not exactly the same but captures the same feeling. I look forward to hearing from you! My next appointment is 9-1-12 so please respond before then. THANK YOU!