New Art: Concept cover for “Holes”

During January, the project in our mentorship with Rebecca Guay was given to us by Susan Sherman, art director at Charlesbridge Publishing. Our assignment was to do a cover for Holes by Louis Sachar.

I had seen the movie a while ago, but had never read the book. Great book! There were so many ideas to choose from. Everyone did fantastic pieces. Mine was the only one that didn’t include a character… but I really wanted to draw the lizards! Susan felt that this might make a better interior image than a cover for this particular book, because for a cover she preferred to see a character. Or this could be the back cover of the book, and the front would feature a character’s face. Overall, though, a great portfolio piece!

The piece is entirely digital… I was intending to paint it, but the digital version was working so well that I just continued working that way. My idea for the text was something like this, with the text wrapping around the circular action, bigger toward the outside, smaller toward the middle:

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