New Art: Lyssa

I made this as part of the recent Art Order challenge, Art Evolution, in which the art director of Black Gate magazine gave a single sentence description of a character named Lyssa: “A young female human wizard with black hair who always wears white trimmed in gold.” This is my rendition. I’m excited to see all the other versions of Lyssa done by other artists. I’ll link to the post with all the submissions once it’s made.

I originally intended Lyssa to be way younger (think Harry Potter), but I aged her up at the suggestion of Rebecca Guay. The piece is intended for an older fantasy/gaming audience so it was better to make a piece that fit that world more than my childrens book world. I also did this last minute, so I had to do it digitally and without full color, but I got it done on time!

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One Response to New Art: Lyssa

  1. Cindy D. says:

    This is so great! I actually followed a link to that Art Evolution challenge and have been paging through the entries. So many are really great. I really like your style. It looks like ink and watercolor but the tag is digital illustration so it must be that. It’s a lovely illustration with loads of terrific details.