Travel Job Sketches

Well after 2 years of wondering if this particular job would ever see the light of day, I have finally heard that unfortunately it will not (at least in its original form – it was work for hire, so they can use the art in the future for anything). I had a really exciting job with TOCCA Beauty that involved drawing scenes from different cities around the world. In the end, it wasn’t in the direction they were taking the company, so I got the word that the art would no longer be used. I was pretty disappointed since I really liked what I made and would never see it on a product, but at least I can finally somewhat share it! Have to keep mum about the details, but anyway… here are some of the initial sketches I made (but none are the sketches that I eventually painted, may show those later). They’re really nice travel drawings in general, so I wanted to share them. I didn’t get to draw these cities from life, but I’ve been to Venice at least!

Scenes from Corsica, France

Scenes from Marrakesh, Morocco

Scenes from St. Moritz, Switzerland

Scenes from Venice, Italy

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