Venice and Corsica

Part 3 of the killed TOCCA Beauty job – the final product package paintings (and the sketches I painted on top of!). These were done in 2010 but I’ve only recently been given permission to share them. Here is Venice and Corsica. I’ll post Marrakesh in a separate post some other day.

The final sketch and final painting for Venice. They asked me to remove the cloud.

The final sketch and final painting for Corsica. They wanted me to draw in this mermaid similar to a Cape May postcard they gave me as reference.

These were painted with gouache, the first and only time I’ve actually ever painted entirely with it, and it was fun! I really should use it again sometime. See the other sketches and read more info about the project at this previous blog post:

Check out the final watercolor stamps from the same job posted previously here:

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