Concept Art

So I really need to update my website soon, and when I do so I plan on splitting the art into three sections – childrens, adult (or something or other, just stuff thats not childrens book work), and concept art, which I’ve been doing a lot of in the past year, and have never shown on my website before.

I’ve done some video game work and some other stuff, but most of the work I’ve gotten has been from SpotCo – a company that specializes in theatrical advertising. The image to the left (click for larger view) was work I did for All My Sons on Broadway.

It’s pretty fun to see what the actual poster looks like in the end. Usually I’m given an idea and reference images and just draw it out. The image is shown to the client, and then it’s photographed. Sometimes the poster looks absolutely nothing like any of the concept work, but sometimes it does! If you have seen the final product for All My Sons, you’ll see what I mean. Just check out the website! Yeah… nothing like any of the drawings I made :P (to the left is just one of them, there were 4 total for AMS, all of which will eventually be on my site).

Now to the right, you see one of the concepts made for Les Liaisons Dangereuses (again, click for larger view – warning for scandalousness!). The final product DOES look like the drawing, which is super cool. This usually never happens. Unfortunately they didn’t keep the website up long but you can see the poster here – Click Me Nifty! Here’s a different concept for the promo that didn’t make the cut – Click Me, too! (again, warning for scandalousness! :P)

It’s a fun job – usually very quick stuff, fast turnaround, often sketchy, not always with actor likenesses. Other advertisements I’ve done concept work for are In the Heights, 9 to 5, Boeing Boeing, Come Back Little Sheba, and To Be Or Not To Be. If only I’d gotten to do Equus… :P

Definitely need to put my concept work up. Check back in the couple months for the rehaul of my site!

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