Beauty and the Beast

Hello everyone! I am back from IMC 2010 and freshened up and AWAKE. Back to the ole grind but with lots of fresh ideas in my head. Can’t wait to get started on the next piece!!! Time to revitalize my portfolio (and website).

Here is the final piece:

And here are some in progress images – color studies, and various stages of painting (a new way of watercolor painting for me, too!). I tried the Dulac method (taught to us by the marvelous and incomparable Rebecca Guay). The paper wasn’t appropriate though and I ended up having to change the technique so it wouldn’t be a mess:
colorstudies part1
part2 part3

To sum up IMC – it was an incredible week with inspiring faculty and awesome hilarious entertaining fellow students. So many amazing artists! So much learning to be had! I kind of want to go again next year… ugggh. or at least the year after. I want to travel next summer. Hmm! :D

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5 Responses to Beauty and the Beast

  1. Lis,
    That’s a great piece and it sounds like you had a fantastic time at IMC. That Dulac method, is it essentially doing an underpainting like an oil painting only with watercolors? Whatever it is, nice job. Glad you got to meet Dennis Nolan, too.


  2. Ryan Yee says:

    Really pretty color studies and solid drawing! Good work Elisabeth!

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  4. soobin an says:

    Dear Alba,
    I’m Soobin, an actress and director from S.Korea. I’d like to use your painting – “Beauty and the Beast” for the background image of our performance. It’ll be an orchestra concert for kids and our actors will be role playing during the concert. If you permit to use this beautiful peace, it’ll be the perfect background of the program- Ravel’s Beauty and the Beast.
    I look forward to your answer.
    Thank you.