Comic Sample Sketch!

First, I was invited to be interviewed by Kathy Temean for her Illustrator Saturday interview series (they are all so great!). Check it out at I talk about my schooling, the publishing work I’ve done, process, etc!

April 5-6 is MOCCA 2014! Delia Gable and I have a booth together. I’m working on a one page comic sample. I’ve decided that I’d like to do some pieces this year based on Die Zauberflöte – The Magic Flute! I think most of the work will be standalone paintings, but this first one is my comic sample – If I had the time and money, it would be awesome to do a graphic novel of the story of The Magic Flute (or Mozart’s life, if I could get Amadeus out of my head… though an Amadeus graphic novel would be sweet too). So this would be the first page – the reader enters the ‘story’ by zooming into the theater and onto the stage.

I am coloring it in a new way. It’ll be a mixed media painting. Fixed up the drawing and colored it digitally, then printed it onto watercolor paper. I will then be adding the black ink outlines on top and adding more color/lighting/etc.

Next, I want to do a painting of the Queen of the Night and perhaps one of Papageno! Hopefully both of those can be done in time for Gen Con or IlluXCon.

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