Various Projects!


I’ve been busy working on multiple projects – some personal, some commissions. Here are a couple interesting commissions I’ve been given!

First – I am creating a trail map for guests of the Deer Mountain Inn in Tannersville, NY, in the Catskills. It’s a beautiful inn that is getting completely renovated, and they’re in the process of cutting some nice trails around the area. Scott and I drove up to visit and get a feel for the area and the aesthetics of the inn. We also hiked and took an awesome ATV ride around the current trails. It was really fun! Unfortunately it still looked like winter up there, so all the trees are barren.

Here are some photos from the trip!

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1 – Scott in the dining room of the Deer Mountain Inn, checking out one of the sweet chandeliers. 2 – The view from a clearing near the inn, where many of the trails will branch from. 3 – A swamp that is along one of the trails! Cooool. 4 – The back of Hathaway, formerly owned by the Macy family. 5 – Instagram photo of the ATVs with a nice view. 5 – Instagram photo (by the way, my instagram name is wormling!) looking toward the private Lake Capra, north of the Inn.

Second – I am working on a psychedelic poster for a family friend’s classic rock band. He approved of a composition (after sending various thumbs). I then did a final ‘drawing’ (the final poster won’t be line art, but flat color vector-style) and various color schemes, and he chose a color direction. Here’s some of the progress work:


adult-supervision-poster-drawing color-sample-1

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One Response to Various Projects!

  1. June says:

    Man you’re good!! Love this poster!! Good luck with the Catskills map/trial…hope to speak again soon…june