Running With Paintbrushes

I have officially joined the gang over at Running With Paintbrushes, so go check it out! We will be doing monthly-ish projects. Without a job and a due-date, sometimes it’s difficult for artists to think of ideas and actually make art. At least, that’s the truth in my case! I enjoy having due-dates. So this blog is great for keeping us active and getting feedback. I need to get myself in gear and give my portfolio new life. When I’m not getting payed to make art, well… I am ashamed to say I get very lazy.

In Running With Paintbrushes, Becca Solow and myself will concentrate on childrens book illustration. Scott Murphy and Owen Weber will concentrate on scifi/fantasy illustration. In our next project, Becca and I are making work based on the fairy tale Baba Yaga. We’ve already posted sketches!

And in other news, I am working on constructing a new website for myself. Want a very simple clean one that is easier to update. Woo!

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