New Art: Map for Deer Mountain Inn

Remember that map I mentioned a few months ago? Well here it is completed! I designed a big fold-out map that will be available for guests at the Deer Mountain Inn in Tannersville, NY. It’s beautifully renovated (the rooms look amazing!), and I had a chance to check it out before the renovation was finished. I needed to get a feel for the atmosphere. I also had to follow certain design guidelines with font and color so that all the print material from the Inn would be consistent.

The back of the map (which, when folded, had the ‘front’ of the fold-out with the Inn address and contact info) included a small image of the Inn itself (above) and some text about hiking/what to keep in mind.

Then once fully opened and flipped around, the full size map, map detail, and key are visible. It was a fun challenge working out the logistics of how the map would fold and what information needed to be on it. Lots to keep in mind!

Definitely click the image to see it larger!

The map was drawn with ink on vellum, scanned, and colored digitally. More trails will be added to this map in the future and I will edit the map to include them.

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