Back from Illuxcon!

Scott and I got back last night from IlluXCon 7 in Allentown, PA. I’d never been before and it was amazing! Everyone was there. I met so many new people, and also people I’d known online but had never met in person. I also participated in the 2nd annual IllieRun, a 5k run that occurred Friday morning. We had a pretty good turnout of artists running!

We were there Thursday-Sunday. I was in the evening showcase on Friday and Saturday nights, and Scott was in the weekend salon during the day on Saturday and Sunday.

Here’s me at my booth during the showcase!

And here is Scott! (

We made some money, but we spent a lot too :P. Here is some of the awesome original art (and one book) we picked up from our artist friends.

10665933_10105758681966991_8412673247927707635_nTop to bottom, left to right: Alex Stone, Chris Seaman, Julia Griffin (book!), Sheila Rayyan (the cup!), Michael Manomivibul, Allen Douglas, Jeremy Wilson, and Rebecca Solow. We love them all!

Now we only have two days until we leave for our wedding! AHH!!! I am currently designing little decorative signs… Should have some additional exciting illustration news to post soon, but my art making will be on pause for the next week.

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  1. Looks like a great con. And ONLY 2 DAYS! When is the actual wedding?