Moving Sale!!!

It’s been a while since I updated last. A lot has happened!  Mostly moving related. We moved from Astoria, Queens, to Western Massachusetts (Agawam, at the moment) on October 22nd. It was a big move. We had been packing for weeks, and unpacking took a while too! I nearly had a month off from my artwork, but it wasn’t a vacation! Just so busy doing other stuff.

I meant to do a moving sale before the move, but because things had already been packed away I decided to do it afterward. So – I am having a week-long moving sale of original art and prints – 20% off! – from 11/11/14 to end of day 11/18/14. If you are interested in a piece, you can either go through Etsy (, or myself through email at (and I will remove the listing on Etsy). On Etsy, the discount code is MOVINGSALE14. I am selling things in a wide range of prices. It’s time to make a little more room in my flat files! Also… moving was expensive… as is the multiple times our car has been to the mechanic in the past two weeks… One sucky thing about moving from NYC is that our car is an absolute necessity now! We’re planning on getting a new one in early December.

And so I don’t finish this post without posting any art, here are a couple of small paintings I did recently that are in the sale, one which just sold!

valac-d Painted for the Month of FearDemons Within” challenge – this lil guy was $50 and is now going for $40 plus shipping!

This mermaid quickly found a new home, but I hadn’t shared it on my blog yet. I had painted this prior to Illuxcon. Always good to have some smaller items for sale at conventions!

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