Good news!

So I haven’t updated since November. I apologize!! The holidays were excellent and jam packed with events, and then I scored a job with Scholastic! So… I haven’t been around. The book is due in a week!!! It was a very tight deadline and I had to illustrate, in color no less, the entire thing. Around 20 illustrations. And I started the painting only a week ago. So… yeah, been pretty frazzled, but it’s lookin good! It had a tight deadline of two months to begin with, but publishing is notoriously long on turnaround and this job had an especially long turnaround because not only were my sketches passed around the Scholastic office, but another company’s office as well… so… it just takes time :P So I’ve had two weeks to complete all the post-sketch stuff. Whew!!!! A good experience though…

Will keep you updated :D!

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One Response to Good news!

  1. Congrats on getting the Scholastic assignment! I guess it’s good to get used to painting under the gun early on in your career so you know you can knock out the work if need be. Can’t wait to see the results.