Tarot Deck Progress Report!

If you’re new around here (hi!), you may not know I am in the process of illustrating a full tarot deck!  It’s a lot of work but has been really fun. The deck doesn’t have a title yet but it will be published by Llewellyn Worldwide in 2016. Deborah Blake is the author for the deck. Illustrating a tarot deck means creating 78 fully painted card illustrations (22 Major Arcana, 14 Suit of Cups, 14 Suit of Pentacles, 14 Suit of Swords, 14 Suit of Wands…). Oh, and eventually I’ll design the back of the card, so it’s really 79 images!

So far, Swords and Pentacles are complete and I’m in the midst of Cups. I have 33 paintings done, but I’m painting 3 more simultaneously, have inked another 3 ready to paint, 3 others ready for inking, and I’ve got 10 major arcana sketches approved! WOO!! So with all that, I’d say I’m just over halfway done.

Deborah Blake (the author of the deck) and I compiled another process post, where we reveal a new finished card, the King of Pentacles, and show the process of the image from start to finish, her description to my final painting.

Below is the total progression, but do check out the full post about it at http://deborahblake.blogspot.com/2015/04/tarot-deck-progress-report-part-two.html.

Click for larger version!

Click for larger version!

This is the 2nd process post we’ve made. The first was for the Six of Swords and can be read here: http://deborahblake.blogspot.com/2015/02/tarot-deck-progress-report-and-giveaway.html.

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One Response to Tarot Deck Progress Report!

  1. Tawny says:

    Thanks for sharing your process! I love seeing those. The deck is going to be gorgeous! I have dreams of illustrating my own tarot deck. Someday… someday… :)